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It has been said that life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away. Can’t really say I agree. In fact, I would say that my life has been made up of a lot of little moments that weren’t so breath-taking. A lot of little moments that I wouldn’t trade for the world, even though they may be viewed as ordinary, possibly boring or mundane. Of course, I have had some moments that were “mile-markers” in my life, and even a few moments that have taken my breath away. But, it’s the little moments that I think back on and chuckle or frown, sigh in relief or in awe. It’s the little moments that have come together to shape the woman I am today. Big or small, I wouldn’t the be same if I had not experienced each and every one of them. And for that, I am thankful.
Here are a few of the moments that are threads in the fabric of my life.

*My parents divorcing and all of the things that come along with it
*Heading off to college and knowing it all
*Cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs
*Dating – thank you Lord that this stage of my life is over. 🙂
*Traveling without kids
*Hearing that my roommate from college died in a car wreck and finally grasping the frailty of life
*Bringing home Max, followed the next day by bringing home *Mallory, who was at the pet store where I had gone to get food for Max. She was the last dog left.
*Being loved by grandparents that weren’t “blood”
*Getting engaged
*Seeing my groom anxiously awaiting my entrance
*Buying our first house
*A positive pregnancy test x 3
*Not sleeping for four days so I could stay up to watch my newborn baby breathe
*Dropping my child off at preschool for the first time
*Planting flowers with little ones who make you remember how amazing flowers really are
*Having my daughter say “Is that a snake” as she pointed right behind me. The answer was yes.
*Letting my child eat popcorn for the first time
*Getting up in the middle of the night to lay a hand on my baby’s back
*Sleeping in bed with my sick child and seeing their relief when they wake-up and see that I didn’t sneak out when they fell asleep
*Trying to make a decision involving my newborn and having my mom say “I know you’ll make the right choice”
*The joy on Landry’s face when we declare it’s “movie night”
*Reminiscing with my husband and realizing how far we’ve come
*My husband telling me I’m a great mom and a great wife
*Having strangers tell me on a daily basis how beautiful my family is
*Most recently, my friend sending me an e-mail that had a news clip for “mother of the year”, which she had inserted my name.
*Seeing birds enjoying the food we’ve put out for them
*Seeing squirrels enjoy the food we put out for the birds

The list goes on and on. Every day there are more moments that are sweet and irreplaceable, even if they didn’t take my breath away.


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